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Water-Jet Surgical Dissector
An aid to enhance accuracy and minimise blood loss
Supplied by Human Med AG
Surgical C-Arm Table
allows for precise vibration-free positioning
Supplied by Biodex Medical Systems, Inc.
Disposable Hook-wire Needle
for accurate localisation of breast lesions
Supplied by Sterylab S.r.l.
Technological solutions for the operating room
enhance patient comfort and imporve working environment
Supplied by Maquet GmbH & Co KG
Portable Suction Units
meet the requirements for medium surgery applications
Supplied by Alsa Apparecchi Medicali
Spinal Operating Table
for dorsal and dorso-lateral surgical access
Supplied by Joimax GmbH
Disposable Laparoscopic Suction and Irrigation Sets
with valve port for removal of larger specimens
Supplied by APS Medical
Small Disposable Smoke Evacuator
hooks up to two trocars and quietly runs during the surgical procedure
Supplied by Buffalo Filter Co Inc
Stent Graft Implant
increases treatment options
Supplied by Cook Inc.
Radiofrequency Energy Platform
compatible with conventional electrosurgical
Supplied by Tyco Healthcare UK Limited
Low-impedance Bipolar Coagulator
meets requirements for microsurgical applications
Supplied by Yueh Sheng Electronic Ind.
Treatment for vertebral Compression Fractures
addresses both the deformity and the pain caused by the fracture
Supplied by Kyphon Europe Bvba
Single-use localisation system
with hook-wire needle for stereotactic use
Supplied by Sterylab S.r.l.

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