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Clinical 3D software for left ventricular assessment

provides comprehensive analysis using echocardiographic datasets

Clinical 3D software for left ventricular assessment. Designed for routine clinical use, the 4D LV-Function(C) software package offers doctors an easy, fast and accurate tool for comprehensive left ventricular (LV) analysis using three-dimensional echocardiographic datasets. The software focuses on clinically proven parameters for analysing LV function and quantifying dyssynchrony, and provides analyses and values with high accuracy and reproducibility. Though using 3D echographic data, the LV-functional information it produces correlates well with results from cardiac MRI. It not only overcomes the limits and inaccuracies inherent in LV shape assumptions used in 2D methods, it can also provide a full assessment of the left ventricle, including volumes, ejection fraction (EF) and synchronicity, in less than a minute. The software features advanced automatic contour-finding algorithms for an easy, fast, accurate and highly reproducible functional analysis of the left ventricle, even for patients that are difficult to image. Furthermore, as it uses echocardiographic data, the information is available from a cost-effective, bedside examination, with no known contraindications. The diagnostic software uses 3D data- sets to quantify 3D volumes over time. The endocardial border of the ventricle is tracked in three dimensions, thus providing a model that represents the true geometry of the ventricle. It derives stroke volume (SV) and EF from those measurements. Using a 16-segment model, it is also possible to perform regional volumetric analysis on subdivisions of the ventricle. The timing of regional contraction can also be assessed, presenting a measure of the dyssynchrony of the ventricle. This Systolic Dyssynchrony Index (SDI) has the potential to become the index of choice in judging dyssynchrony for the selection of patients that should respond well to cardiac resynchronisation therapy. The clinical software was developed with leading clinical partners and an emphasis was placed on the system's user-friendliness. Clinical 3D software for left ventricular assessment

TOMTEC Imaging Systems GmbH

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