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Psychiatric Hospitals use Digital Signature

electronic identity (e-ID) cards find applications in the medical field

Psychiatric Hospitals use Digital Signature. Founded by the order of the Hieronymite Brothers, Dibrosi ( is a non-profit association providing a range of administrative, book-keeping, IT and technical support services to sheltered housing centres, psychiatric institutions and educational communities, including an activity centre for mentally handicapped adults. Recently, Dibrosi decided to implement an innovative technology enabling doctors to use a digital signature when authorising prescriptions. A new application for the e-IDDibrosi is responsible for managing the computer systems of three psychiatric centres and two psychiatric-care homes. To manage the patients'administrative and medical data, these institutions use a computer application developed by Dibrosi and based on Oracle technology. The doctors also use this software to issue their medical prescriptions. Prior to this, the prescription was printed, signed by the prescribing doctor and sent to the hospital's pharmacist. Dibrosi wanted to make this procedure more efficient and less time-consuming and therefore implemented an innovative e-ID (smart card) technology. "All medical doctors at the three centres have an electronic identity card as well as a card reader. A prescription's digital signature not only enables greater efficiency, but it also guarantees absolute authenticity and provides an additional level of security," says John Nuyttens, Director at Dibrosi. Efficient, user-friendly and secureWith the new workflow, prescriptions are no longer printed on paper before they are signed. All that is required is for doctors to identify themselves via their personal electronic ID card and append their digital signature to the prescription. Based on the e-ID and using a Java Applet together with a BlueRidge server, a web-services platform* developed by D Soft, the Dibrosi application creates a PDF document from the prescription. The final digital signature on the prescription can be validated with standard Adobe Reader software. Thanks to this new e-ID application, the hospital pharmacist accesses the signed prescription directly via the intranet. The whole process, from medical prescription to distribution in the department, is fully automated, greatly reducing the risk for errors.* enables the conversion, signature, archiving and digital transmission of documents and forms. Psychiatric Hospitals use Digital Signature

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