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Mobile air bio-decontamination sentry

Mobile air bio-decontamination sentry. Plasmair is a room air purifier/recirculating air cleaner that filters out and inactivates airborne particles from the air to be used for medical purposes. Utilised in sensitive areas where the risk of airborne contamination is high, the proprietary reactor technology was developed and used in the Mir and other international space stations for over fifteen years to eradicate airborne microbes, including airborne fungi, bacteria, spores and viruses. At air-treatment recycle rates of 500m?/hr (300 CFM), airborne bio contamination levels in a 40m? room are reduced by 99.9% in less than 35 minutes. Equivalent to 12.5 air changes per hour with only 40 db(A) sound levels. At air-treatment recycle rates of 1,000 m?/hr (600 CFM) there is a 50% reduction of bio contaminants in under two minutes and 99.9% reduction in less than 17 minutes in a 40 m? room. The unit inactivates a broad spectrum of organisms through the combined action of non-thermal plasma and amplified multidirectional electrical fields. Validated and used by the European Space Agency (ESA) in the International Space Station (ISS ALPHA), effectiveness of the proprietary reactor has been confirmed by the Harvard School of Public Health, Boston, MA, and the Health Protection Agency, United Kingdom, for greater than 99% inactivation of airborne microbes (spores, bacteria, fungi and viruses) in single-pass testing. The unit has also been extensively used for over four years in major French hospitals and clinics.

AirInSpace B.V.

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