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Computer-Aided Detection

Computer-aided Detection (CAD) for colorectal cancer

specifically designed to be used with low-dose protocols

Computer-aided Detection (CAD) for colorectal cancer. CAD Colon 1.0 is a computer-aided detection system to support a radiologist's diagnosis of suspect polyps in the colon and the rectum. The software combines virtual colonoscopy features with algorithms able to detect andhighlight suspect areas in an accurate and simple way. The system loads data from a computed tomography (CT) scan and creates a 3D model of the patient's colon. The CAD technology then detects suspected areas, highlights them and classifies them (geometric description, X-ray absorption and spatial distribution of intensity). Polyps are tagged in 2D and 3D and their size is automaticallycalculated. There is an automatic repositioning and updating of all views by selecting a polyp from the list of candidates. The viewer can systematically navigate in both prone and supine CT scans with each view being automatically updated both in 2D and 3D. A virtual camera gives a better and detailed view around a selected point of interest.Finally, suspected areas can be classified, and a final report can be written. Preliminary results of an internal clinical dataset study on 52 symptomatic patients indicated that the CAD system identified 85% of the polyps of 5mm-10mm and 95% of polyps above 10 mm. A European-wide multicentre clinical study compared low-dose virtual colonoscopy and CAD Colon with conventional colonoscopy. The researchers concluded that the solution's main strength is that it is specifically designed to be used with low-dose protocols. This product is thus a suitable tool for screening the average risk subject. Computer-aided Detection (CAD) for colorectal cancer

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