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Dual-source Computed Tomography System

Somatom Definition

Dual-source Computed Tomography System. The Somatom Definition is a dual-source computed tomography (CT) system that will image patients with high or irregular heart rates, or even arrhythmia, without the need for beta-blockers to slow the cardiac rhythm. This latest CT innovation allows physicians to better differentiate, characterise, isolate and distinguish bone, soft tissue and fluid and enables faster and earlier diagnosis in acute care patients while maintaining an optimum image quality, independent of patient size and condition. The system also enables physicians to better identify and characterise plaque. The main difference between traditional CT and dual-source CT technology is that the latter uses two X-ray sources and two detectors simultaneously. With 0.33 seconds per rotation, electrocardiogram-synchronised imaging can be performed with 83-millisecond temporal resolution, independent of the heart rate, resulting in motion-free cardiac images. Furthermore, the system is capable of imaging full cardiac detail with as much as 50% less radiation exposure compared to traditional CT scans.Featuring a 31-in. (78-cm) bore opening and a 79-in. (200-cm) scan range, the CT scanner allows clinicians to image more of the body in less time and provides better access for the patient. Equipped with z-Sharp Technology, the Straton X-ray tube and CARE solutions, the Somatom Definition has all the tools necessary to enable a new gold standard in earlier detection, faster evaluation, and more precise follow-up of disease states for CT imaging.The first system was installed at the University of Erlangen, Germany, in October 2005 and is being used for technical and clinical research as well as for regular patient care. "This newest CT system provides very valuable clinical information for patients presenting in our department with acute chest pain and suspicion of coronary artery disease," said Dr Stephan Achenbach, associate professor of Cardiology at the University of Erlangen. "We expect that the Somatom Definition will have a significant role in even the most demanding environments, such as emergency departments," added Prof. Werner Bautz, Chairman of Radiology at the Erlangen university.Dual-source Computed Tomography System

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