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Diagnostic ultrasound machine

Diagnostic ultrasound machine. The ProSound incorporates a Compound Pulse Wave Generator (CPWG) designed to transmit pre-programmed waveforms and produces highly efficient, high-quality beams optimised for each mode of operation and probe. CPWG capabilities are used to create a Compound Impulse waveform that allows for broadband  transmission/reception in harmonic imaging resulting in higher penetration and greater axial resolution. In addition to the primary benefits of harmonics, Broadband Harmonics offers significantly enhanced sensitivity and axial resolution. Adaptive Image Processing (AIP) clearly displays differences in tissues, reducing speckle noise while maintaining the frame rate. Spatial Compound Scan offers enhanced capability for depicting sidewall structures of tubular cavities by superposing images created by steering the ultrasound beam in multiple directions. Speckle patterns of the parenchyma of organs are depicted much smaller while reducing artefacts dependent on beam direction. Directional eFLOW (D-eFLOW) displays high-resolution blood flow with directional information, and the blood flow can be displayed separately from tissues with little overlapping. This high-end ultrasound system also features a real-time 3D (4D) package with a fast volume rate as well as 360-degree omnidirectional rotation and multiplanar reconstruction (simultaneous imaging of arbitrary 3 sections and a 4D image) techniques. Diagnostic ultrasound machine

Hitachi Aloka Medical, Ltd.

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