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Radiography: Flat-Panel Detectors

Innovative flat-panel technology

can be used for both still images and fluoroscopy

Innovative flat-panel technology. With increasing implementation of digital and information technology in the medical field, the need for a high-resolution, high-sensitivity direct-conversion flat-panel detector has been keenly awaited as an appropriate X-ray detector for high-tech medical practices. The Safire flat-panel detector (FPD) makes use of direct-conversion technology to provide clearer high-resolution images with less signal deterioration and reduced noise. The top layer of the flat-panel detector, an X-ray conversion film, converts X-rays passing through the patient's body directly into electric signals using amorphous Selenium. A TFT (thin-film transistor) array then collects the signal from each pixel and transfers the data immediately to the processing system. The direct-conversion flat-panel detector is more sensitive than conventional X-ray films. It produces still images as well as fluoroscopic images that are qualitatively equal to or better than film, even when the X-ray radiation emitted is reduced from one half to one third of conventional X-ray examination. This significantly reduces the dosage exposure to the patient. The direct-conversion FPD enables digitising of all X-ray related diagnostic imaging. This allows faster diagnosis, improved diagnostic capabilities and accelerated remote medical diagnostics. Innovative flat-panel technology

Shimadzu Europa GmbH

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