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Ultrasound Scanner with Technological Enhancements

Ultrasound Scanner with Technological Enhancements. The new ProSound Alpha10 Premier offers broadband harmonics technology providing deeper penetration and higher resolution. Thecompound pulse wave generator (CPWG)can control the movement of transducer elements to best match various conditions, thus optimising the shape of the transmission waveform. By fully utilising CPWG, it was possible to develop a new compound impulse waveform that widens the frequency range of a transmission pulse to provide optimal transmission/reception in Harmonic Echo imaging(broadband harmonics). This offers both highsensitivity in deep areas and high distance resolution on the entire image. Combined withthe benefits of harmonics, namely less sidelobes and multiple echoes, the system offersfinely depicted images with uniform sensitivityin the entire image. The D-eFlow (DirectionalExtended Flow) is a groundbreaking display method that provides a high-definition display of blood flows not available with conventional methods. The enhanced spatial and temporal resolution permits detailed visualisation offine blood flows with directional information, thus enabling discrimination of much thinner vessels. The ultrasound system is now also equipped with 3D automated volume measurement. Making use of this proprietary technique, the system automatically identifies the region of interest in the 3D image to calculate the volume. It is not only possible to measure the volume of lumens such as gall bladder and hepatic cysts, but also that of the parts where the brightness of echo is higher than the peripherals. Accurate flow mediated dilatation (FMD) analysis is possible by using the eTracking (echo tracking)function that automatically tracks vessel wall motion and measures vessel diameter in real time with a very high accuracy of 0.01 mm (at 10 MHz). FMD analysis is known as an effective, non-invasive means of evaluating endothelial function and is useful for early detection of atherosclerosis and determining efficacy of treatment. Ultrasound Scanner with Technological Enhancements

Hitachi Aloka Medical, Ltd.

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