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Ultrasound: Dopplers

Digital Transcranial Doppler System

Digital Transcranial Doppler System. A technically advanced, portable transcranialDoppler (TCD) system, the WAKIeprovides non-invasive measurement of theblood velocity in the main arteries of thebrain, making it a valuable tool for a numberof neurological vascular problems. Nowwith digital technology, the transcranialDoppler offers colour M-mode display inaddition to the standard spectrum display.Through M-mode, the intensity and directionof the flow signal is colour-coded over a50-mm intracranial space. Flows toward theprobe are identified by red bands; flows awayfrom the probe are identified by blue bands.Once the coloured bands are fully displayedon the screen, all that is required is to movea marker on a band to obtain the correspondingspectral data. Rather than relyingon a single-gate spectral analysis to producesound from a pre-selected depth, the examinerfinds several flow signals at multipledepths. This new feature has significant advantages, including speedier location of thetranscranial window, easier identification ofblood vessels and reduced training time. Allin all, the digital system facilitates the use of TCD, particularly in emergency situationsat the patient's bedside. Digital Transcranial Doppler System

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