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Venoscope (Adult & Neonatal)

The vein finder

Venoscope (Adult & Neonatal). Locating a vein can sometimes be a tedious & stressful situation. The Venosocpe (Adult & Neonatal Units) do not promise to completely eliminate those stressful situations, but they do promise to be a welcomed help during those times. The Venosocpe was designed to safely and effectively locate hard-tofind veins. Venoscopes (Adult & Neonatal) are light in weight, portable and able to used in a number of areas, including: adult, neonatal and pediatric IV therapy, blood draws, sclerotherapy, ambulatory phlebectomy, determining veins size, direction of vein travel and in the verification of patency of veins.The Neonatal Transilluminator combines all of the unique features of the Venoscope II (Adult unit) into a smaller package, and has been specifically designed for use on neonates. The compact design allows nurses to safely maneuver around neonates while making it easier to find their smaller veins. TheNeonatal Venosocpe also features high intensity dual wavelength LED lights that have been specially engineered to be cool to the touch, ensuring that the delicate skin of neonates are protected from burns.Portable - 3AA BatteriesUses: IV Therapy , PICC lines, Arterial Sticks, Pneumothorax, Hydrocephalus[Webvertorial] Venoscope (Adult & Neonatal)

Medcorp International

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