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Implantable Haemodynamic Monitor

Implantable Haemodynamic Monitor. The ImPressure, a wireless device for monitoring pulmonary artery pressurein congestive heart failure patients, was recently implanted in four patientsin at two sites in Germany. This is the first European use of the implantablehaemodynamic monitor for on-demand, non-invasive self-monitoring ofpulmonary artery pressures. The device is introduced percutaneously,via a simple vein catheterisation procedure, using jugular or femoralaccess. The miniature device, based on proprietary acoustic technology, iswireless and leadless. The patient uses a portable, battery-operated handheldunit to interrogate the implant. The measurement can be taken at home, oraway from home, without any special preparation, and without exposing thepatient to radiation. In all four European cases, pulmonary artery pressurereadings were successfully transmitted to both the handheld home monitorand the hospital unit immediately after the implantation and in subsequentfollow-ups. Data from the handheld monitor canbe downloaded to a laptop clinic system, displaying a history of the patient'spulmonary pressure readings. This graphic display of pulmonary arterypressure waveform will certainly assist in determining optimal treatment foreach patient, resulting in better disease management,? said Professor UtaHoppe from the Internal Medicine Department at the University of Cologne.Professor Dr Horst Sievert, Director of the CardioVascular Centre Frankfurt,Sankt Katharinien, commented: I was impressed by the simplicity and ease ofdelivering the ImPressure to the pulmonary artery. The physician's abilityto choose between intra-jugular and femoral approaches, as well as the lowprofile of the delivery system add significantly to the system's flexibility. Implantable Haemodynamic Monitor

Remon Medical Technologies Inc

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