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POC system for haemoglobin A1C measurement

Quo-Test system and Quo-Lab POC HbA1c analyser

By combining the simultaneous measurement of absorption and fluorescence quenching in one simple step, the Quo-Test system delivers HbA1C results from blood samples in under three minutes. Compact, robust and easy to use, the system enables clinics and doctors'offices to perform laboratory quality testing with full confidence during a single patient visit. The system exploits the so-called fluorescent quenching properties of a patented reagent to measure HbA1C, matching the performance of existing laboratory-based methods. The total amount of haemoglobin is also quantified by absorption measurement. The combination of these two measurements produces an HbA1C % result. The system is a fully automated homogenous assay i.e. there are no separation steps and all the critical steps that may influence or affect the quality of the result are controlled. All of this combines to deliver results in about three minutes from a blood sample of under 5?L.

EKF Diagnostics, a worldwide manufacturer of point-of-care (POC) in-vitro diagnostic devices, has developed the Quo-Lab POC HbA1c analyser. This semi-automated analyser is CE marked and provides highly accurate, affordable and easy-to-use technology for surgeries, diabetes clinics and laboratories. HbA1c monitoring is increasingly used in the detection and management of diabetes, and Quo-Lab is designed to meet the needs of economies where diabetes is an increasingly large public health issue and resources are limited.

The analyser is manufactured by EKF subsidiary Quotient Diagnostics Ltd and uses the unique Boronate Affinity Florescent Quenching method perfected in its Quo-Test HbA1c analyser. Requiring just 4 ?L of venous or finger prick blood, the small and lightweight Quo-Lab delivers lab-accurate results within four minutes. The analyser is highly cost effective and user friendly; its simple 4-step procedure requires minimal training, with on-screen instructions available in a variety of user selectable languages. 

EKF Diagnostic Holdings Plc

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