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Point-of-care antiplatelet activity monitor

Point-of-care antiplatelet activity monitor. A whole-blood, point-of-care (POC) assay for measuring the effect of antiplatelet therapy, the VerifyNow system is a small, portable instrument with a single cartridge that contains the biochemical reagents required to perform an assay. Accuracy is high and the results correlate well with optical aggregometry, the 'gold standard'for measurement of platelet function. Needing only a sample of a tube of whole blood, results are ready in five minutes or less. Three different types of cartridges can be used to monitor different aspects of platelet function: VerifyNow Aspirin is a rapid, POC test for evaluating patients on chronic aspirin therapy. The IIb/IIIa cartridge assesses the level GP IIb/IIIa receptor inhibition by drugs such as abciximab and eptifibatide. Finally, the P2Y12 test measures P2Y12 receptor blockade by drugs such as clopidogrel. It has high specificity for clopidogrel effects and is able to measure the degree of platelet inhibition in patients on clopidogrel without first having to wean the patient off clopidogrel to get a baseline.

Point-of-care antiplatelet activity monitor

Diagnostica Stago

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