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Water-Jet Surgical Dissector

An aid to enhance accuracy and minimise blood loss

Water-Jet Surgical Dissector. The Helix hydro-jet dissector is designed to optimise preservation of vessels, ducts and nerves in a wide range of open and laparoscopic surgical procedures. The use of a variable, laser-fine helically rotating water jet brings precision, selectivity and effectiveness to complex interventions. Thermal damage is avoided, and trauma to surrounding tissues is minimised. The water-jet approach is used in a variety of applications (e.g. hapatobiliary, urology, neurosurgery), replacing and complementing more traditional methods and ultrasound technology. "The Helix hydro-jet allows us to divide hepatic parenchyma with minimal blood loss. We do most hepatic resections with no transfusions," comments Dr Brian Gogl, Surgical Oncologist at the Medical City Hospital in Dallas, USA. "The water-jet technology allows a precise dissection of the brain parenchyma and of various brain tumours. We regard the technology as an important tool for various neurosurgical procedures, and apply the instrument in all cases when a reduction of blood loss combined with a very accurate tissue dissection is required," observes Dr J. Oertel, Dept of Neurosurgery, Nordstad Hospital, Hannover, Germany. Water-Jet Surgical Dissector

Human Med AG

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